Weltmeister Wednesdays with F&M!

McElherans Recording

I remember the first time I held an accordion. It was my aunt’s accordion, long since neglected and musty, but to a child it was a door to creating a song. It wasn’t until many years later, while on tour, that I really considered taking up the accordion and finding one that was my own. What I found was a ruby red Weltmeister, which I adopted from a lovely store in Victoria (Tempo Trend). I still use it primary as a song writing tool, but on stage it allows me to move on the breath of the song.

What brought on this memory?  F&M was recently invited to participate in an accordion series!

Weltmeister Wednesdays  is a weekly concert series hosted by Welmeister Akkordeon Manufaktur. The Germany accordion makers state that, “We are all in this together, so we are bringing the world together through music. Our weekly concert series will be viewable on our Weltmeister Social Media Links in Facebook Instagram and IGTV, youtube.com and potentially more.  Every Wednesday at 07.00 p.m. (CET)”

F&M will perform on Wednesday, June 3, 2020. Watch our social media for links!

Many thanks to McElheran’s Furniture + Design  for recording (at a safe distance in their empty store) our live performance. We did it one take thanks to this lovely setting and cameramen.  Let’s keep supporting our local businesses!

Many thanks to Welmeister for celebrating original music makers and  accordionists, and special thanks to Wendy McNeill for nominating us for this series.