Super Blood Wolf Moon


No, it’s not a new song, it’s a rare lunar eclipse happening here in our northern hemisphere. The mention of blood and wolves, got us talking about the connections between the supernatural, violence, and new beginnings. Ryan and I chatted long into the night and spoke about how the act of creation often comes out of something uncomfortable, and is often directed by the things we can only somewhat sense. It’s both mysterious and magical.  It’s amazing to know that the moon can direct the ocean, what else does it dictate?

There has been a lot of art inspired by the moon, but I think none more beautiful than Dvořák’s Rusalka “Song to the Moon.” Here’s a recording sung by Canadian Soprano, Renée Fleming: 

You can find F&M next at Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton on Sunday, February 10 from 6:50 to 7:40 PM. Please check out the rest of the festival – you don’t have to be an ice skater to enjoy this amazing winter event. The fire sculptures are highly recommended. (And underneath the moon!!)