Praise for Lessons From Losers

F&M 4x6020

F&M’s sixth album, Lessons From Losers, was released on September 21, 2018. At the Edmonton release party, Rebecca shared the following quote from Paul Auster: “The best argument for the importance of art lies precisely in its uselessness, that we are most deeply and powerfully human when we do things for the pure pleasure of doing them.” This was just a glimpse of some of the inspiration behind the music of the album. Rebecca and Ryan intended to enjoy the act of creating what they desired, without seeking what would be the win of the day.

That said, it’s still lovely to get some applause for these acts of uselessness!

Here’s some selected praise for Lessons From Losers:

Once one of this city’s best-kept secrets, you’d now be hard pressed to find anyone in the local music scene that hasn’t become enamoured with the duo’s baroque-pop sound. Through Ryan’s achingly honest lyrics to Rebecca’s pleading vocals, their somber yet inviting melodies have enchanted local crowds over their decade-plus making records. Whether hardcore punks or sweater-vesters, they wouldn’t have it any other way. F&M’s latest, Lessons From Losers, is an album ripe with intention, often asking more of us than simply to listen.

 – Beatroute Magazine

F&M’s poignant, harrowing song “Lessons From Losers” is a wondrous ode to those who opt for beauty and love, even in the face of loss and darkness. . . . Best understood to the casual ear as an “alternative folk” act, F&M pack their soothing music with incredible degrees of resounding emotion. .  . . Images fade. Bodies fade. We are remembered for the impact we leave on the world. If we truly accept our limited existence, then how might that affect our daily interaction with life itself? F&M’s “Lessons From Losers” is a shot in the dark – a bold hail mary awakening full of heavy hues and bittersweet, emotive melodies. Thought-provoking and life-enhancing,

 – Atwood Magazine, NY