Lessons From Losers Album Launch and Show & Tell September 21


F&M will celebrate the release of their sixth baroque-pop album, Lessons For Losers, on Sept. 21 at The Aviary, 9314 111th Avenue, with some of Edmonton’s finest musicians, poets, visual artists and broadcasters.

Lessons From Losers, co-produced by F&M’s multi-instrumentalist Bryan Reichert, is a warm and inviting album, largely because it’s not afraid to reveal a few harsh truths and revel in them. From the eye-opening realities of bottle depots (“Quiet Nobility”) to the joy and despair of the creative process (“Scribbles On A Sheet”) to the drawbacks of distractions (“Council of Misery”), the Andersons teach a master class in resiliency. At at time when music is more disposable than ever and careers only last a few years, F&M encourage kindred spirits to remain true to their artistry.

Several of those kindred spirits will perform at F&M’s album launch — singer-songwriters Tanyss Nixi, Mike McDonald and Mark Davis & Alice Kos, poet Wendy McGrath and DJ David Stone. Along with visual artist Amy Freelend, they’ll take part in a special Show and Tell, hosted by Rylan Kafara of CJSR’s The History of Punk.

You remember Show and Tell, right? You had to bring an item to school, show it to class and tell everyone what it meant to you. In this case, The Aviary is the school and the artists will show off an object and a song (or poem or piece of art) or two. The theme: Dark Arts and Lessons Learned.

Tickets are now available at  YEGlive and at Blackbyrd Myoozik. Doors at 8 PM.