Edmonton Music Awards – Part 2 Further Gratitude

Musicians EMA

Wow! Thank you so much Edmonton Music Awards! We are so thrilled. All I can say is that we had really settled into our seats with drinks and a large umbrella on our laps. Then, SURPRISE! What an amazing experience to hear our  title track song “Lessons From Losers” at The Winspear as we walked up to receive our Best Adult Alternative Recording award in front of such a warm community of talented musicians and fans. Thank you!

We could not have got there without the musicians (and friends!) that are featured on this album. Thank you Chad Androwski for your meticulous, and creative, drumming  – plus the late night Fringe beers!  Tom “the bomb” Murray for your commitment to dog memes, bass lines, and popular music knowledge. Little known fact, Tom is the actual Scott who invented Scotch. Jason Kodie, who jumped in and played piano on “Colmar, ” and also spent one long night in a Mexican jail with Ryan, until I came to bail them out – we thank you. Lastly, Bryan Reichert, for spending years on the road with us, tirelessly working to improve our talents, playing so many instruments, and all for the low low price of a chocolate milk in North Dakota. We hope to spot wild turkeys again with you soon.

You are always F&M.

This award is for you.