Connections & Gratitude

F&M Hey Ladies 2018

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the loss of connections in our modern world, and the need to reconnect in order to live meaningful lives and have a sense of hope and future. Our culture has become disconnected and we need to find our way back to retaining and reforming authentic connections. I think, in this sense, that music becomes more powerful than ever. Music is a communal language with real power. This is something that Ryan and I have always felt. The song is sung, but without the listeners there is no life. The act of sharing together is what’s important and what makes music such an amazing social transformative experience. However, it is in a perilous situation of being de-valued, with community supports being cut and individuals pursuing more solitary ways of passively appreciating music. So Ryan and I wanted to take some time to thank our own community builders. These people and organizations have made sure that our music is heard and that we stay connected. I know many of our listeners already support community radio and local festivals, but if you don’t, please consider donating or volunteering for organizations and festivals that enrich our communities and provide a place for the arts to thrive.

Thank you again and again and again for supporting F&M’s “Lessons From Losers” especially to:

  • CBC (specifically Key of A) and National Music Centre Alberta Spotlight Series
  • Earshot Community Radio – We are so thankful that these stations had us in their Top 30: CKUA, CJSR, CFCR, CFUR, CJAM, CJSF, CKXU, CILU. Thanks to all the stations, the album charted on 45 charts, including reaching #25 in Earshot National Top 50.
  • Established media like: Avenue Magazine – Calgary, BeatRoute, CityTV’s Breakfast Television, The Calgary Herald, The Gateway, The Edmonton Journal, VUE Weekly.
  • Online goodness by: Atwood Magazine, Cups N Cakes, Gigcity, Great Dark Wonder, LA Beat, Live In Limbo, Ride The Tempo, The YYscene, The Undad, Von Bieker (Listen Local).
  • Other Community Builders who supported us this past year:  The Aviary, Art Gallery of Alberta, Blackbyrd Myoozik,  Color de Vino, The Empress Ale House, Freecloud Records, Gramophone, The Grizzlar, Hey Ladies!, Listen Records, Silver Skate Festival, SNAP Print Gallery, Tix on the Square.


Sadly, VUE Weekly is no longer with us, but we are so honoured to help celebrate their legacy of support at a special Bon-VUE-age Party on February 8th at The Artery. Come celebrate with us and enjoy music by F&M and The Give ‘Em Hell Boys.

You will also find F&M at Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton on Sunday, February 10th from 6:50 to 7:40 PM. Please check out the rest of the festival – you don’t have to be an ice skater to enjoy this amazing winter event. Plus, you’ll be out with real people, staying warm and connected to your community.

F&M will be announcing March and April Western Canadian dates very soon! We can’t wait to grow our community out further and further. 

(Crazy photo courtesy of the very supportive dolls at Hey Ladies!, Sandra Sperounes, and my fancy photo editing skills)