All the Light


Recently, F&M had the pleasure of speaking and performing at the Images Alberta Camera Club. Through our mixed presentation, we explored some of the connections between visual art (including photography) and music performance. We had a great time sharing some observations and some detailed stories about the composition of some of our songs.

All artists (visual and music) must consider our approach to what we are creating: in particular –  the angle and the light. The angle and the light are always a part of the construct. In music, light may be created in the spaces between the notes, perhaps through the choice of instrumentation and orchestration. Sometimes it’s through a soaring melody. I venture to say that  the light is seen more clearly through the imperfections of the performance. The song has a power because the singer’s voice cracked at just the right moment. In photography the light may accent a particular strangeness that builds up the beauty in the same way. Both photographer and musician play with metaphor and memory – even if you think you are a straight observation capturing it as it is – the shot is still from your viewpoint and your own experience. Then, in turn, your audience will have their own angle on it.

This kind of sharing is so important to us. It is our desire that our creative clubs and groups in our community continue mentoring and inspiring others. Ryan and I believe that art, not just the act of creating it, whether it be photo or music, etc, but also the act of appreciating it, gives our modern lives a much needed focus so that we can live our lives to the fullest and be the best humans possible. Ryan is fond of saying, “Doctors save lives; but artists give people a reason to live.”

Upcoming events for May:

Saturday, May 18 F&M (duo) 7 to 9 pm at Sweet Capone’s in Red Deer, Alberta

Sunday, May 19 Rebecca of F&M solo brunch performance 12 to 2 pm at Cartago, Edmonton, Alberta