Happy 2017! Creative Circles

2016 was a great time for reflection and being inspired by our local arts community. So much so that Ryan and I  have finished writing a bounty of new material and are gearing up for the recording of a new album. F&M are planning to utilize some great local talent to create our own vaudeville orchestra in this upcoming recording project. It will take some time to get things just right, so here’s a look back at our last album “At Sunset We Sing:”

As part of our 2016 artistic wanderings, we had the opportunity to dine with Wilfred and his wonderful wife Daryl. The end of our evening involved some impromptu singing and recording. Check out this lovely album from our friend Wilfred N & the Grown Men! Listen for Ryan’s low voice in track 3 “Pluto.” Enjoy the whole album, it’s a beauty!