Gratitude from the Road

F&M sincerely thanks those that came out and supported their Canadian tour from Victoria to Montreal! The new album, Wish You Were Here, was released while in Montreal on August 30 2011.

Here’s where you can find F&M’s Wish You Were Here:

CDBABY / iTunes  /Rhapsody /SoundCloud

Here’s a few highlights from the press:

Planet S, August 11th: “The instrumentation is so spare it’s almost heartbreaking — imagine the most bittersweet break-up soundtrack ever.”

The StarPhoenix, August 11th: “F&M bring epic mix of sounds to Amigos.”

The Ottawa Sun, August 23rd: “[F&M] makes music that sounds like old French Canada. Slow and sensual love songs similar to those Belle and Sebastian, and a tendency to write unabashedly about love, have an unusual effect, something like an aphrodisiac.”

Hour Community, August 25th: “ …connecting deeply with the listener… the couple deliver a sparse yet dense folk record, filled with affectingly introspective lyrics and enveloping melodies.”

Montreal Mirror, August 25th: “Their boxing gloves may be made of velvet (thick, crushed velvet at that), but this trio will punch you.”

Exclaim Magazine, August 30th: “F&M make music filled with drama and passion.”

The Past Is Unwritten, August 30th:“[F&M] instill a depth of emotions that leaves the listener in a daze, and yet somehow refreshed. They also make blog writers compose extremely cheesy sentences, which is a power not many superheroes even have.”

Uptown Magazine, September 1st: “More than just beautiful album, Wish You Were Here is the product of a band that’s finally comfortable with its less-is-more sound — and a band that has faith in the strength of its songs.”

The Gateway, September 1st: “F&M’s latest offering manages to be atmospheric and emotional while maintaining a sense of ease and clarity amongst its complex construction. Layers of subtle sounds carefully support every song to build a distinct emotional mood, sometimes evoking longing and loneliness. But Wish You Were Here won’t drag listeners down with its darkness — instead, the album draws you closer, wrapping you in its cozy charm.”

Lithium Magazine, September 7th: “Every so often at a live concert, much to the delight of the audience, a group’s power and presence add to the sound in a way that doesn’t come across on an album. F&M, the thoughtful and earnest Canadiana group from Edmonton reached those heights at an intimate show at The Supermarket, August 31.”