F&M Break the Ice at McCauley Community Friendraiser

F&M takes center stage at Studio 96 on Saturday March 12, with support from their handsome friend and indie troubadour Tyler Butler. The concert is being held at Studio 96, formerly St. Stephen’s Church at 10909 96 Street, a new music venue with pristine acoustics and a strong tie to the McCauley community.

Working with Heart of the City Festival organizers, F&M and Tyler Butler are hosting the event as an opportunity to provide an accessible concert experience to community members who may not always have the opportunity to see live music. The concert is also an opportunity to better connect Heart of the City to residents of Edmonton’s inner city neighbourhoods.

Mike Siek, President for Heart of the City Festival, says “We are always proud when we can help to bring high-calibre, talented musicians into the inner city for accessible, affordable concerts like this one! It’s a perfect fit with our mandate and vision.”

“We’re delighted to back initiatives that encourage our city to be a more vibrant, inclusive and fun home for everyone,” says Rebecca Anderson. “F&M are thrilled to perform with our full band for the Heart of the City in such a lovely venue.” 

The concert will be recorded live by CJSR 88.5 FM and filmed by NTT Films.