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Fearless and Meticulous.

Fragile and melancholy.

Forthright and mighty.

F&M (Edmonton's Ryan and Rebecca Anderson) is a baroque-pop outfit with a penchant for dark lyrics and mesmerizing melodies. For more than 10 years, the couple have been indispensable stalwarts — releasing six of their own albums and touring through Canada and Europe. F&M’s forlorn cover of “Maybe Tomorrow” from TV’s The Littlest Hobo was featured in the modern hockey classic, GOON. All of the band's full length albums have appeared on the Earshot charts — including 2010’s "Sincerely, F&M" (Shameless Records), which was N0.1 on the national folk charts for six weeks. 2014's "At Sunset We Sing, "was shortlisted for the 2015 Edmonton Music Prize, and earned a nomination for a 2015 Edmonton Music Award. In 2018, F&M was featured at a sold out concert at The National Music Centre; recorded live for CBC Radio. Their latest release, "Lessons From Losers" won Best Adult Alternative Recording at the 2019 Edmonton Music Awards.

F&M’s Lessons From Losers is a shot in the dark – a bold Hail Mary awakening full of heavy hues and bittersweet, emotive melodies. Thought-provoking and life-enhancing.” – Atwood Magazine, New York


F&Mʼs sixth album, Lessons From Losers, is all these and more — a sumptuous blend of dark baroque-pop, erudite lyrics and whimsical arrangements, anchored by the disparate voices of Rebecca and Ryan Anderson.

Lessons From Losers was borne from a snow bound winter comforted by red wine and Paul Auster novels. “The title is meant to be thought & conversation provoking rather than a prescriptive statement” suggests Ryan of F&M. Rebecca says, “In our society, winners are often those that pursue their own happiness at any cost. We admire the losers; those that risk their happiness for something they believe in or for those they love - even if it seems to make no sense. We want to celebrate the small beauties of our world and encourage a creative spirit.”

Lessons From Losers, co-produced by F&Mʼs longtime collaborator & multi-instrumentalist Bryan Reichert, is a warm and inviting album, largely because itʼs not afraid to reveal a few harsh truths — and revel in them. From the eye-opening realities of bottle depots (“Quiet Nobility”) to the joy and despair of the creative process (“Scribbles On A Sheet”) to the drawbacks of distractions (“Council of Misery”), the Andersons teach a master class in resiliency. At at time when music is more disposable than ever and careers only last a few years, F&M encourage kindred spirits to remain true to their artistry.

All songs © Ryan C. Anderson and /or © Rebecca D. Anderson. All rights administered by SOCAN.

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