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Fearless and Meticulous.

Fragile and melancholy.

Forthright and mighty.

F&Mʼs sixth album, Lessons From Losers , is all these and more — a sumptuous blend of dark baroque-pop, erudite lyrics and whimsical arrangements, anchored by the disparate voices of Rebecca and Ryan Anderson.

Lessons From Losers was borne from a snow bound winter comforted by red wine and Paul Auster novels. “The title is meant to be thought & conversation provoking rather than a prescriptive statement” suggests Ryan of F&M. Rebecca says, “In our society, winners are often those that pursue their own happiness at any cost. We admire the losers; those that risk their happiness for something they believe in or for those they love - even if it seems to make no sense. We want to celebrate the small beauties of our world and encourage a creative spirit.”

Lessons From Losers, co-produced by F&Mʼs longtime collaborator & multi-instrumentalist Bryan Reichert, is a warm and inviting album, largely because itʼs not afraid to reveal a few harsh truths — and revel in them. From the eye-opening realities of bottle depots (“Quiet Nobility”) to the joy and despair of the creative process (“Scribbles On A Sheet”) to the drawbacks of distractions (“Council of Misery”), the Andersons teach a master class in resiliency. At at time when music is more disposable than ever and careers only last a few years, F&M encourage kindred spirits to remain true to their artistry.

All songs © Ryan C. Anderson and /or © Rebecca D. Anderson. All rights administered by SOCAN.

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