“They hit me like a very gentle and sincere steam-train, but hit me they did.”
~ SnC 184, United Kingdom

Wine connoisseurs see a perfectly blended wine as an art form. F&M, a baroque-pop group from Edmonton, Alberta, believes a blend is best – especially when it comes to music. The band consisting of singer-songwriters Rebecca and Ryan Anderson mix their individual talents to create an amalgam of folk, rock, classical and pop that’s intermingled with influences stemming from multiple cross-continent tours, and a smattering of European adventures.

F&M’s signature sound — from the powerfully melodic folk-rock inaugural release of Let Every Light Shine (2007, Shameless Records), the complex and introspective Every Light Must Fade (2008, Shameless Records), Earshot #1 folk chart-topper, Sincerely, F&M (2010, Shameless Records) and the heart warming Wish You Were Here (2011, Shameless Records) — is a musical choice for the more refined. F&M’s emotive observations incorporate an international view that’s finely aged through an urban-Canadian perspective. This unique sound has been critically acknowledged by way of music placements, songwriting merits (most recently 2015 Edmonton Music Prize shortlist nominee, 2015 Edmonton Music Award Best Alternative Album finalist) and special invitations to perform in nontraditional or cross-genre spaces.

After a period of silence brought upon F&M by way of a broken hand, a broken leg, and falling victim to fraud (no really!), F&M mark their triumphant return with a release built from another blend — that of broken bones, broken promises, and broken hearts. At Sunset We Sing, is a joyful melancholy celebration of life. Melancholy is not defined by a feeling of sadness but of reverie and hope. F&M familiars will no doubt recognize Rebecca’s elegant musicianship and hypnotic voice. Ryan continues to gallantly spar with his guitar, but counters this battle with his expressive lyrical poetry and a distinctive croon.

Becky and Ryan create something so different that you have to sit up and take notice… Where Ryan is darkness. Becky is light. Together they make a listening experience that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.”
~ Mossip!, USA